Nonviolent Communication - Module 1
Shaping change with people - not against them

When something bothers us about a person's behavior, we tend to evaluate the other person internally or verbally and judge their behavior. This way of perceiving and communicating is usually ineffective and hurts relationships, whether in partnership or in business. This first module supports you in recognizing your deeper concerns behind your criticisms and judgments and communicating them in a way that is appropriate to the situation. This enables clarity, constructive encounters and sustainable solutions.

  • Expand one's own skills in communication and in dealing with conflicts
  • Apply criticism constructively and deal with reproaches more confidently
  • Create appreciative and creative communication and connection
  • Methods of "Nonviolent Communication" based on the work of Dr. Marshall Rosenberg
  • Recognizing and overcoming culturally conditioned communication patterns
  • Recognizing criticism and deeper concerns and communicating them in a way appropriate to the situation
  • Self-regulation: Mindfully dealing with stress, emotions and reactions of the autonomic nervous system
  • Interest and solution orientation instead of problem orientation - negotiating in a relaxed and beneficial way
  • Gratitude in everyday life - the basis for a healthy brain and a realistic perception
  • Esteem at eye level - recognizing achievements without judging
  • Strengthening one's own orientation in communication processes
  • Using NVC as a communication model or for awareness and attitude determination
  • Working on concrete situations from everyday life
Short theory lectures, individual and group exercises, refreshing movement sessions, short insightful film clips, joint evaluation and sharing of experiences.

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