About me


As a trainer, facilitator and project manager, I have many years of professional experience in adult education, facilitation and participation (local, state and national levels). I am also very familiar with working with local and international organizations in education, democracy renewal and media production. I have been self-employed since 2003.

Associate of the Co-Intelligence Institute, USA, Certified Trainer Nonviolent Communication ®, Team Management Systems Trainer ® / Structural Dynamics Licensed Practitioner ® / Certified Holacracy Practitioner ®

  • Climate Assembly Austria 2022 - moderator (Polis online participation) and film production
  • Passionate trainer, facilitator and communication coach for 20 years
  • Lecturer at Colleges Careum Aarau and Kalaidos Zurich
  • Production of documentary and cross-platform TV formats
  • Efficient organizer of over 1500 events
  • Internationally well connected professionally (USA, Europe, Australia, Taiwan)
  • Confident leader of transdisciplinary teams through complex terrain: 5 years
  • Managing Director of Studienkreis für Gesundheit e. V. in Germany
  • Innovative developer of learning settings and materials
  • Bilingual: German and English, knowledge of Italian and French

Main Work / Projects

Training and further education (selection)

  • Citizen Councils and Dynamic Facilitation in A / D / USA
  • Large Group Facilitation and Art of Hosting in A / D / USA
  • Group Dynamics at the Kantor Institute USA/GB
  • Co-Intelligence and Pattern Language Creation at Tom Atlee (Co-Intelligence-Institute, USA)
  • Communication and Conflict Management Rosenberg, Schulz von Thun, Glasl, Weeks,... 
 (Certified by Center for Nonviolent Communication and Prof. Schulz von Thun)
  • Holacracy with Brian Robertson - New working and organizational model for companies that want to go agile. (Certified by Holacracy One LLC. as a Certified Holacracy Practitioner)

Born in 1966 in Bern, Switzerland and raised in South Africa, the USA and Switzerland; lives in Thun, Switzerland.

Voices & Clients

Martin Rausch
Rougemontweg 6
3626 Huenibach

+41(0)79 214 95 58